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Wait List 

I am fortunate to be in high demand at the moment.

In previous years I would allow clients to contact me for any cancellations if there were no available appointment slots shown. Recently it's become very difficult to manage multiple requests from texts, calls, email. and in person.

There is now a new system in place to keep everything together, organized, and to be fair. I have developed a "wait list" and a "last minute cancellation list" 



  • To be added I will begin at the top of the list in the order I receive a request. I will then contact you to offer the available time slot.

  • If you accept the offer it will be yours.

  • If there's no answer or you are unavailable, I will contact the next person on the list. 

  • After someone accepts the opening, the next time I have an availability I will pick up where I left off on my list. Your name will be removed after an accepted appointment.  Don't worry you can be re-added per request.

  • If you live or work close to the office you can request to be added to the last minute cancellation list. Often times clients will cancel/reschedule same day, leaving an available time slot. Also, if you have a more urgent need you can request to  be added to last minute cancellation list.

  • You will be notified by phone. Texts will come from:

         (513) 823-9355 (WELL)

  • To be added to either list please complete form below.


Thank you, you have been added to the list!

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