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Aromatherapy / Blending Bar

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years and a licensed Esthetician for 6 years. I have always loved using essential oils in my services and creating my own customizable oil blends for my clients physical, emotional, and skin needs. 

In 2016 the first year of being in business with the Garden of Wellness, I wanted to incorporate an "aroma / blending bar for clients to come in and create their own oil blends that can be used in massage treatments at the office or at home. As well as provide consultations for more unique blends based on clients specific needs.


I always strive to make sure sure I provide my clients with the best and to be knowledgeable in what I offer. I can now say that I am a certified advanced aromatherapist and this Fall I will be finally offering an aromatherapy / blending bar in the office. 

Create personalized blends to match your mind-body health needs.

Complementary aromatherapy consultations available for more advanced customized blends, upon request. You may also use your blend in your massage session.


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