I am a trained doula and working towards my certification and need to provide volunteer/pro bono services to 2 more expecting moms to complete my certification. Please let me know if you or someone you know are due in the next few months that would be interested in having a Doula.


Massage + Doula = AWESOME

Hands-On Labor Support

If you're contemplating hiring a doula to support you in labor, and like physical touch to relieve pain, consider a massage doula. My focus is to support your health and well-being throughout pregnancy and into new motherhood. I want every wombman to be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically for the demands of childbirth. 

When I attend your labor as a massage doula, you get both: I still remain with you for the duration of your labor, still provide emotional support and all the other thousand little things doulas do, AND you'll have an experienced labor massage therapist at your beck and call.

But doesn't lying down for an hour and getting a massage in labor sound really difficult?! This is why doing massage in labor is an art form, with an emphasis on flexibility. Often we're doing one thing during contractions, and another thing between them. You might be trying to rest in early labor and long grounding strokes down your back help your body let go of the contractions when they pass. You might find strength in simply having points held on your feet, or sacral counterpressure. You might be holding yourself up on your arms for hours at a time and really benefit from arm and shoulder massage so you can keep going. It'll entirely depend on what works for you in the moment, and I absolutely love guiding partners to find their own confidence in supporting you.

What You Get

Before baby is born, we'll schedule two meetings so we can get to know one another, discuss your hopes and goals for your birth and cover any questions you may have. When you're in labor (or think you might be), you call me as soon as you think I might be useful to you, and I'll stay until shortly after we meet your new baby. Then I'll come back to visit you again a few days later to chat about your experience and help out however I can. You're of course welcome to call or email me with any questions at any point along the way. We will also focus on overall self-care for you and baby with yomassage and infant massage instruction.

Bonus Massage

But wait, there's more! I'll bring my massage supplies to our second prenatal meeting, and you'll receive a 90-minute prenatal massage, free of charge. This pre-labor massage allows us to become accustomed to working together, helps you get an idea of my style and rhythm, and gives me an opportunity to learn what you like. Plus, my clients love it!

Prenatal sessions/visits:

  • Creation of birth & support plans

  • Mini childbirth education, discussion of birth, postpartum, and baby care options

  • An exploration of the sacred anatomy and how birth works 

  • Comfort measures / essential oils for exploring techniques and tools to enhance comfort in late pregnancy to integrate during labor. As well as a primer on essential oils to enhance the experience of birth.

  • Learn mindfulness by integrating tools of meditation, deep listening and selfcare

  • Individualized ideas for birth positions & breathing patterns

  • Nutrition lifestyle support consists of an examination and tune up of your dietary practices to better help align you wit your goals 

  • Included 90-minute Prenatal Massage typically at or around our second visit

  • 20% off Additional prenatal massage sessions

  • Virtual doula support

Labor support:

  • Continuous presence throughout your labor, including early home labor

  • Emotional & physical support, including massage techniques and other tricks I've picked up

  • Supporting your primary support people in how best to support you!

  • Intermediary between you and hospital staff, facilitating communication and reminding them of your wishes



Postpartum Follow Up:

  • General check in

  • Lactation support, including optional lactation massage

  • Birth story processing, and referrals if needed

  • Nutrition and lifestyle support for best foods to optimize breastfeeding and boost energy postpartum

  • Preparation of herbal sitz bath & perineal rinse

  • Womb Aftercare herbal bath teas

  • Included 90-minute postpartum massage

  • 20% off additional postpartum massage sessions

  • Infant Massage Instruction

  • Yomassage 

Plus, I'm Available to You Via Phone, Text, or Email, Any time.

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