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Baby's First Infant Massage Instruction


The gift of gentle massage for your newborn. 

Massaging your baby soon as possible after birth continues the touch stimulation bay was receiving during his or her time in the womb. The benefits to baby and you can last a lifetime. This class is designed for parents or caregivers and their medically stable newborn.

Why Newborn Massage?

Beyond the joy of spending quality time bonding with a new baby, infant massage has been shown to provide many benefits to the baby, the parents, and to the rest of the family. 

Babies who receive massage can experience: 

  • Better performance on neurological assessment scales 

  • Better sleep/wake behaviors 

  • Greater soothability

  • Improved growth an development

  • Improved relaxation and release of accumulated stress

  • Strengthened digestive, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems 

  • Reduced discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, colic, and emotional stress 

  • Improved muscle tone coordination 

  • Improved overall health

  • Reduce blood pressure

Families who share infant massage can experience:

  • Stronger bonding and attachment between parent and baby

  • Improved ability of the parents to read infant clues 

  • Increased confidence in parenting 

  • Increased communication between baby and parent 

  • Strengthened parenting skills 

  • Stronger family foundation through understanding, positive communication, and touch

In a Baby's First Massage class, you will learn:

  • ​How to understand early infant communication including crying and time out cues

  • Effective comforting techniques

  • Great techniques to aid babies in healing process after birth

  • Adapting touch so its gentle enough, yet gives very powerful benefits to a little newborn

What are classes like?:

Everyone is under stress during these uncertain times. Sign up for a VIRTUAL Infant Massage Class.  Parents find it extremely relaxing for not only baby but for the person giving the massage.  You will be contacted by me for further instructions for a VIRTUAL class via Zoom.

Schedule a  Infant Massage Class
Classes are an 45 mins - 60 mins

$45.00 per private class online

(includes couples/caregivers with baby)

$25.00 per group classes
To schedule a private session email:

Group class dates and times TBA


Online Infant Massage  Classes Delivered Via Zoom

Relax and bond with baby with online baby massage classes. Infant massage promotes bonding and attachment though touch. Using the power of Zoom we can help you learn baby massage techniques and strokes while you’re at home.

Online baby massage classes can help with colic, constipation and trapped wind and helps to develop baby’s body, mind and coordination. It helps babies to relax and feel secure, and teaches them positive loving touch.

In parents infant massage helps stimulate oxytocin - the happy hormone - and promote lactation when breastfeeding. It can also help calm both mum and baby and is a wonderful addition to bedtime - or any time!

Suitable for babies from birth. 

and edit me. It's easy.

What do I need?

You don’t need anything other then yourself, your baby, and some sort of device (tablet, computer or mobile phone) which you can access Zoom on. Zoom is a free app you can download quickly and easily.

You can use oils to massage your baby but it isn’t necessary - loving touch is enough to get the love hormones flowing. If you do choose to use oil, we’d recommend sunflower, grapeseed or coconut - cold pressed and organic if you can get it - and wait until your baby is at least 6 weeks to use anything on their skin.

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