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Lactation Massage 


Breast massage can be incorporated into any massage session. Lactation breast massage is massage technique done after a woman has delivered her baby and has started to experience engorgement.

It is primarily used to aid the production of milk within mammary glands, so that the newborn child has a constant supply of milk available. Lactation massages also help mommies to be relieved of painful and uncomfortable breast engorgement, blocked milk ducts. Regular sessions of a lactation massage help to reduce the frequency of a woman experiencing engorgement, prevent mastitis.

In Japan, breast massage is a vital part of postpartum care. It aids in enhancing respiration, allowing deeper, fuller and more satisfying breaths of air. Why not provide our breasts with the same care that we provide the rest of our body?

In addition to the physical benefits, there are many emotional benefits to breast massage. Many people attach negative emotions to their breasts such as guilt, shame, and anger. This could be due to breastfeeding issues, body image, pain, cancer, sex, sexual assault, or gender identification. Intentional and safe therapeutic touch on breast tissue can help reintegrate and connect the physical form with the emotional one in a positive way.

For female-bodied clients, having your breasts included in a massage session can be extremely empowering. Regular breast massage increases breast health awareness and can help create a positive connection.


  • Reduce pain/soreness (mastalgia)

  • Improve lactation

  • Decrease likelihood of clogged ducts and mastitis

  • Decrease congestion and improve circulation

  • Improve texture (fibrocystic breasts)

  • Reduce adhesions and scar tissue

  • Increase breast health awareness

  • Improve respiration

Lactation Massage Rates:

  • 60-minute massage - $125

  • 75-minute massage - $145

*All prenatal sessions and postpartum massage within 6 weeks of birth must be at least 75-minutes due to extra time needed for positioning and other considerations. Initial prenatal and postpartum must be at least 90-minutes.


  • 90-minute massage - $160 *Initial prenatal and postpartum must be at least 90-minutes. Labor preparation massages must be at least 90-minutes.  90-minutes allows time to tend to each area of the body with a few position changes. This time also allows for ample client-education time. This session length is HIGHLY recommended.

  • 120-minute massage - $190

FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Who Is Suitable For lactation massages?

Any woman who has given birth is suitable, regardless if they choose to feed their child with formula milk or breast milk. lactation massages help to not only speed up the tedious process of using breast pumps to extract milk, but to also make it less forceful as the milk ducts are clear of any blockages that may cause the process any discomfort. This is especially helpful for mommies whether they opt for latching or a non latching feeding method for their infants.

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