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Payment Process

When treatment plan is requested via email. You will be sent an invoice to be paid 

upon receipt based payment option selected.  Treatment packages must be paid in full.

Using FSA and HSA card?

For post lymphatic massage and clients that use their cards for services require a letter from a physician for medical necessity from a doctor for prescription for massage to be on the safe side. Often times post op lymphatic massage after cosmetic procedures aren’t deductible. 


Cosmetic procedures such as post-op lymphatic massages after cosmetic procedures falls under the category of "cosmetic procedures/services." 


General Medical lymphatic massages or MLD are for medical purposes such as clients that need lymphatic massages due to cancer, lymphedema, circulatory issues, and postpartum massage etc. Also, for clients who have had medical related surgical procedures that are not a cosmetic issue.



My business is classified with my credit card processor to accept most FSA and HSA debit cards. That classification is in the form of a Merchant Category Code (MCC). My MCC is Medical Services and Health Practitioners 8099, which by the way is also the category that is most descriptive of my services: therapeutic massage for chronic pain and headaches/migraines, symptoms and side effects of cancer/cancer treatment, soft tissue strains and injuries, and stress/anxiety reduction.


Another requirement that some healthcare plans stipulate is a prescription or referral from a doctor. As a Licensed Massage Therapist in Ohio,  I can accept physician referrals and prescriptions. You should keep a copy of this referral/prescription as well, just in case you are required to provide it with your FSA/HSA documentation.


Speaking of documentation, many FSA and HSA plans also require you to send them your receipts for services paid for with your debit card. Or, you may have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed, in which case you’ll definitely need a receipt to submit with your reimbursement request. I can provide receipts for you at the time of checkout. If you forget, or realize after the fact that you needed one, just call or email me. I can still send you one.


To be absolutely sure about the FSA/HSA question, unfortunately, you’re going to have to call your healthcare plan administrator to verify. Each plan or program has unique requirements and eligibility varies.

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