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 So, you've completed recovery sessions now its time to maintain results!

For clients that have had tummy tucks and/or Brazilian Butt lifts I require you stick to getting massage treatments on a consistent basis for the best results and healing after your surgery. I believe that it is crucial to invest in the aftercare and not just the surgery. It is important to take care of your body properly in the weeks and months following your procedure.

This specific procedure is a MAJOR SURGERY

Maintenance Sessions:

$50 -    30 mins

$45  -   65 mins  

$80  -   60 mins

$110  -   90 mins

Additional Lymphatic Therapies​

  •  Wood Therapy

  Reconstructing Treatment

  $50 - 30 mins​

** if you are post op must wait 6 months.

Wood Therapy is is a deep tissue techniques that is designed to work on deeper myofascial tissue that is "old scar tissue" Deep tissue massage contraindicated after surgery.​Uses wood tools to manipulate and reconstruct fatty tissues, loosen tight and tired muscles and smooth out cellulite.  it is advertised as a method to help breakdown fat, cellulite and stimulate lymphatic drainage. if you are going to do this treatment, it is NOT  advisable that you do it during your liposuction recovery.


  •  Dry Skin Brushing

 Detoxifying Treatment 

  $40 - 45  mins

** if you are post op must wait 3 months / or until surgical incisions and scars have healed



  • Body Gua Sha Scrapping

        Scar & Fibrosis Treatment

        $60 -  45 mins

        $45 - 30 mins

**** if you are post op must wait 2  months


  •  Negative Compression Treatment (cupping/vacuum therapy)

        Scar tissue and lymph flow Treatment 

        $60 -  45 mins

**if you are post op wait 2-3 week


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