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Maternity Reiki


Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful and spiritual experiences. However, the journey to motherhood can also be accompanied by a number of different stressors on the mind, body and soul. Reiki offers healing energy not only to mothers-to-be, but also to their unborn babies. Already widely used in hospitals as a vital care component, Reiki is increasingly accepted for its extraordinary benefits during pregnancy. Recent research from USA Connecticut’s Hartford Hospital determined that pregnant women who use Reiki on a regular basis experience a 94 percent reduction in stress and anxiety; a 78 percent reduction in pain; and an 80 percent reduction in morning sickness. Pregnant Reiki recipients also enjoy an 86 percent improvement in quality of sleep.

Mothers can experience an ease of their nausea, fatigue and other physical pregnancy symptoms by incorporating Reiki practice into their lives. The need for C-sections has been proven to be reduced when a woman has been undergoing Reiki sessions. The baby is also positively benefited by the techniques used in Reiki sessions. Babies may feel calmed and relaxed or sometimes they may feel like moving due to feeling comfortable whilst in the womb.

This practice is safe to use at all stages of pregnancy. Some women even use the treatments as early as immediately after conception to promote a healthy environment for the developing baby. Conception problems have been effectively treated with reiki sessions.

Reiki sessions are ideal to stabilize the emotional adjustment for the mother and perhaps even the father after the birth of the child. Mothers report feelings of being able to manage their fatigue and stress better when they are participating in a series of Reiki treatments. They may feel that they are able to care for their baby more easily with less strain on themselves. Babies will likely also feel well-adjusted to their new environment, just as their mother does. Reiki can be used on the baby to help improve the child’s sleep, treat colicky problems and accelerate motor skill development



30 minutes: $35 

60 minutes $65

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