On-site Therapies​

On-site Corporate, On-set TV and film massage

I'm very passionate about making massage therapy accessible. With doing so I have had the privilege of offering on-site mobile massage therapy for local corporations and within the entertainment and production industry.

On-Set Tv, Film Massage 

 From concerts, entertainment events, tv and movie sets.  I provide treatments to the film and television industry, helping to relax and rejuvenate both cast and crew. There will be options for table or seated massage, with a wide variety of therapies that are perfect for your hard working team.

Treatments can be provided anywhere with minimal equipment and minimal space needed, they can be set up at any venue, big or small, or are very well adapted to be provided on-set or on location.

I recommend a quiet room or trailer as this often provides a more peaceful experience away from the action. However, even if this is not available, a massage station can be set up in a quiet corner of your location, where I can easily treat cast and crew. 

Corporate Chair Massage 

Chair massage makes massage therapy accessible to those within your organization who are uncomfortable getting undressed and would otherwise never experience massage without it.

The benefits of corporate massage

  • Invigorate and relax staff

An immediate benefit is that the deep tissue massage can relax and soothe away tension, but invigorate the body at the same time. You will notice how much more relaxed people are, whilst being productive.

  • Productivity increases

Staff productivity is no longer just about getting as much as possible out of people in a given length of time, but about efficiencies and how they get things done. There are all kinds of things that you can do to increase productivity but, studies have proven that a relaxed, invigorated and valued workforce gets the job done better in the long run.

  • Valued

A valued employee is a happy employee.

And yet, so many work settings seem to thwart this from every angle. It is almost as if allowing someone time to relax, or time away from their desk will set a precedent for laziness and a lack of work.

The opposite is true; corporate massage is a brave step forward for some companies but then, after a few months, they wondered why they were reticent about diving into the world of corporate massage. Employees are not only absent less often, but they are being retained for longer and, people will also want to work for your business too. With an engaged workforce and strong culture of wellness, you will have employees who want to stay and you will also have talent knocking at your door.

Corporate massage is an investment in your most important asset – your staff. There are many other benefits to corporate massage, some specific to a business and company culture. Lets connect.

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