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1172 W. Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA


Post Operative Lymphatic Massage

Massage for Post-Op Recovery and Accelerated Healing

 I will work with your physician and other medical/wellness practitioners to provide the type of care you need. Whether you have experienced liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implants, coolsculpting or just need to detoxify your system from anesthesia, prescriptions post surgical, I provide a treatment that gives you immediate results. Lymphatic drainage helps reduce swelling due to fluid retention when the lymphatic nodes are too sluggish to flush the toxins out of the body.

One of the evident results of most of all plastic surgeries is that they produce swelling, because it is part of the body’s normal healing process. Some of the cosmetic surgeries, like liposuction procedures and tummy tucks, interrupt the natural pathways taken by the lymph system because of the location of the surgery. Other regions of the body, such as the nose after a rhinoplasty, produce swelling that can last for a long time—even up to one year. Other cosmetic procedures that impact the face can also produce months of swelling. However, because of the extensive areas of disruption, tummy tucks and liposuction procedures are usually the elective surgeries with the greatest amount of lymphatic swelling.

General Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)  Rates

*** For general drainage treatments,  minor cosmetic procedures , fluid build-up and for overall wellness. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. 


30 mins - $50

45 mins - $65

60 mins $80

90 mins $110

*** Plus tax



TT (tummy tuck) and BB (Brazillian Butt lift) Post-OP lymphatic massage treatment plan:

For clients that have had tummy tucks and/or Brazilian Butt lifts I require you stick to getting massage treatments on a consistent basis for the best results and healing after your surgery. I believe that is is crucial to invest in the aftercare and not just the surgery. It is important to take care of your body properly in the days and weeks following your procedure. This specific procedure is a MAJOR SURGERY, which is why I require a 3 phase process. *

*** Please note session packages must be paid in full prior to first treatment, I do not open drainage site to flush fluids. After treatment plans are complete you will be able to schedule individual sessions for maintenance to maintain results. 


$50.00 - 30 minute minutes

this session will give me the opportunity to learn more about you, discuss your needs and will allow you to 

determine if I'm a good fit for you. .


$1,000 - Consists of 3 phases lasting about 6 months


: treatment plan  is  not intended for individual sessions. Individual  sessions  can  be scheduled for maintenance purposes only after  the 3-phase treatment plan is complete.

All sessions include complementary Turmeric tea and ginger essential oil,

to reduce swelling, inflammation, and circulation.


Pay over time with installments. Easily break up big purchases into monthly payments.  


Phase  One:

(10)  - 60 minute Lymphatic Drainage sessions

Phase Two:

(10) - 30 minute sessions combining lymphatic drainage, body sculpting detox by pink horizon and scar management adhesion treatment with wood therapy and gua sha scrapping.


With treatments combined will help loosen tight restricted muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins, speed metabolism, break down cellulite, break up scar tissue, burns fat, tones and tightens. 

Phase Three: 

(10) - 60 minute sessions  combining body sculpting detox by pink horizon, scar management adhesion treatment, wood therapy, gua sha scrapping, and dry skin brushing to improve surface circulation, venous blood flow, strengthen immune system .

Dry skin brushing will make your skin look and feel healthier by alleviate any itching  breakouts cause by skin drying affects of surgery. 

To request an appointment email: garden.wellnesscincy@gmail.com