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Can not be combined with any other offer, or promotion.

Medical Discount Program

Garden Of Wellness, offers a medical discount program for clientele who have a medical need for

long-term massage therapy, due to a diagnosed chronic pain condition.


  • To enroll in the medical discount program I require a prescription from your primary care physician or specialist stating that you would benefit from massage therapy care for the medical condition they are addressing with you.  

  • Prescription is REQUIRED. Prescriptions are good for up to a year, while enrolled. 

  • If using FSA or HSA card be sure to check with correct department of your HSA/FSA plan to be sure this is all you need. Its usually the Human Resource department. Download prescription form to give to your doctor here: PRESCRIPTION FORM  

  • Please note that sessions must be on a continuous basis, weekly or bi-weekly.*if you do not attend sessions for more than 1 month without notice you will be terminated from the program.

  • To qualify you must have a diagnosed chronic pain condition or disease that requires on going massage therapy that is deemed "medically necessary" such as:

  1. Arthritis, or joint pain.

  2. Lasting pain in back and neck after injury or surgical procedure

  3. Cancer pain 

  4. Headaches, including migraines.

  5. Lasting pain in scar tissue.

  6. Muscle pain all over (such as with fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's etc).

  7. Neurogenic pain, from damage to the nerves or other parts of the nervous system.

What’s the difference between chronic pain and other pain?

Chronic pain differs from another type of pain called acute pain. Acute pain happens when you get hurt, such as experiencing a simple cut to your skin or a broken bone. It doesn’t last long, and it goes away after your body heals from whatever caused the pain. In contrast, chronic pain continues long after you recover from an injury or illness. Sometimes it even happens for no obvious reason.


To help make massage therapy care affordable and easily accessible to individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions, who are not able to have massage therapy covered by their health insurance providers on a continuous basis.


Effective November 1, 2022

On massage therapy you will save 25% off the provider's usual massage fee,  or $15 per 15 mins. Is comparable to what a person would expect as a co-payment amount per office visit with insurance.


30 - min session $30 ( one small specific area of focus only) 

60-minute session $64

(Medical massage is exempt from taxes)





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