I am pleased to offer two levels of massage services: General Massage  and Specialty Massage services. 

Specialty massage require a special type of massage to address a specific concern or health issue.


 45 minutes  $75.00 

AromaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along the energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. The results are amazing.

  • It is not recommended for people with allergic with allergic reaction to aromatic oils.

  • The AromaTouch hand technique  provides a quick way to apply essential oils in a massage technique that will positively affect different body systems.

  • The AromaTouch essential oil blend combines a unique group of oils to provide relaxing and comforting effects for the whole body. With the essentials oils this blend is the ultimate oil for massages as it can help lessen tension and provide a soothing sensation that will aid in the effectivity of any massage experience. The clean, fresh, and minty fragrance of AromaTouch oils assist in creating feeling of overall wellness.

  • I use essential oils sourced from the best fields all over the world. CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® , that exceeds industry standards.

  • DoTerra essential oils are safe to smell it, safe on the skin, some of them are even used as supplements.



A minimum of 3 sessions within two weeks gives the affected jaw an opportunity to heal.  

  30 minutes $42.80

 60 minutes $74.90

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Massage is palpation of the muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  Treatment includes the muscle attachments inside the mouth, or intraoral, as well as the external muscles around the head, face and neck.  This modality is especially helpful for individuals who have any of these symptoms or behaviors:

*teeth clenching while sleeping


*popping or clicking in the jaw while eating, talking or wide openings of the mouth

*tinnitus (ringing in the ear)

*chronic neck/head/shoulder pain


The treatment consists of working the jaw muscles on both the outside the mouth. Sterile gloves are worn the entire time work is being done within the mouth. The intraoral technique is very slow and precise, with an emphasis on client communication about pressure and sensation throughout the session.

First session is one hour.   This allows time for observation of the jaw in rest and through range of motion.  Once the assessment is complete, treatment of the involved muscles follows.   



 45 mins $40.00  

Can be performed prioe to a massage treatment.

Everyone can benefit from full body dry brushing. This amazing health and beauty routine has been practiced for years in Eastern Medicine. Variations of skin brushing have been practiced for thousands of years, across many different cultures. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it is referred to as Garshana. Full body dry brushing is a simple treatment that can have amazing health benefits. It can remove impurities from your skin and improve circulation in your body. The treatment involves a thorough brushing of the skin all over your body using a clean brush with firm, natural bristles. During the treatment I will brush your skin with sweeping and sometimes circular motions, beginning at your feet and working in the direction of your heart.

The treatment requires a firm touch in order to receive the benefits; however it should not be painful. Similar to a full body massage, you should feel free to advise if you prefer a gentler or firmer touch. I appreciate having the chance to adapt the treatment to your specific needs and preferences. Immediately after treatment, your skin will feel alive and invigorated. You will also notice that your skin is softer to the touch, due to the exfoliating effects of the body brushing. The more you repeat the treatment, the more benefits you will receive. Body brushing can help to stimulate various processes in the body that will improve your overall health.  Session will end with an organic green tea body spritz.

Benefits include:

  • Promotes circulation and improves blood flow to all parts of your body

  • Stimulates glands to keep churning out oils and hormones, which will help your skin become properly moisturized and detoxify your body

  • Increases lymphatic flow to move fluids within your internal systems, absorbing various toxins and flushing them out of the body

  • Awakens nerve endings which elicits a relaxation response through your central nervous system and decreases muscular tension

  • Tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite

  • Improves skin tone and clarity


 45 mins - $60.00 

30 mins - $45.00 

Using a horned tool in a scrapping technique, constricted tissue and scar tissue is released. The gua sha tool stimulates blood circulation, improves range of motion, and relieves pain. Gua sha can cause red or purple marks on the skin that can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks and might be slightly sensitive.  

What was once an intense massage technique used on the body in ancient Chinese medicine is now a highly sought-after delicate and meditative facial treatment amongst skin care obsessed women.

Also referenced as coining, spooning or scraping, gua sha (pronounced “gwa sha”) facials are much gentler than the traditional deep scraping technique that was used to treat things like a fever or cold.


 30mins - $40.00 

60 mins - $75.00 

Reiki is not a religious practice. Reiki is a beneficial healing modality that is very popular and utilized for health and wellness. It is based on energetic principles and is practiced in many hospitals, medical settings, and in private practice all around the world. You lie with your eyes closed, hands up to receive the healing. Reiki helps balance a person's energy, remove energy blockages, and release negative energy. 


I lay my hands on the standard chakra positions or at various places on the body where I am called. The next step is for me to observe the movement of energy in your chakras. Finally, I return to the head of the bed and say affirmations of thanks for using me as a vessel for channeling the healing Reiki energy. Time is given for you to integrate and allow time for reflection and then the session is complete.


  • Promotes relaxation

  • Improves body’s natural healing processes (may help reduce symptoms)

    • Speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness

    • Reduce side effects from medicines or treatments (especially with chemo-therapy patients)

    • May prevent some health issues

    • Assists the body in clearing out toxins

    • Improves emotional, mental and spiritual well-being (balances mind and emotions such as fear, frustration, and anger)

      • Balances mental health: enhancing learning, memory, and mental clarity

      • Help heal emotional wounds

      • Relief from emotional distress or sorrow when going through the grieving process

      • Reduces stress

      • Helps people to feel more at peace, or in harmony

      • Allows greater capacity for empathy and love

      • Improves self-confidence

      • Helps cope with challenging life scenarios

      • Improves sleep, making it easier

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30 mins $40


Similar to Thai reflexology add. This full service is an Invigorating Thai foot reflexology combined with Himalayan Salt Scrub is applied to the feet, massaged into each foot and then wrapped with warm towels. The warm towels are then used to take off any of the excess salt that remains. This has many health benefits as well as feeling amazing, It will leave your feet feeling extremely smooth! Himalayan Salt helps release toxins in the body and replenish lost minerals such as magnesium.




60  mins $80

90 mins $110


Full-Body Ayurvedic massage. There's no greater expression of self-love than anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil. This practice is called Abhyanga. Restores the balance of doshas and enhances well-being and longevity. The Sanskrit word Sneha can be translated as both "oil" and "love." It is believed that the effects of Abhyanga are similar to those received when one is saturated with love. It can give deep feeling of love and stability. 

This massage treatment uses an Ayurvedic blend of sacred sandalwood, grounding vertiver, palo santo, frankincense, myrrh, sesame, coconut