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The power of health and healing is in every cell of your body. Just listen to your body, treat it well, and nourish with love. Choose to make the rest of your life the best of your life, all is well in the world. ~ Louise Hay

Independently owned and operated private massage therapy practice run by award winning massage therapist 

Andrea Pouncy Waite, LMT L.E YMT.


Andrea's philosophy is  your body is your garden to your soul. She believes that using an holistic approach in massage allows for recognition of illnesses and stress, that affects not only our physical but also our emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. Holistic massage allows the body's natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole.


Our life and our body needs nourishment, maintenance, and constant care. 

Whether of the soil or the soul, cultivation is not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing labor, continuing process to make room for spiritual, mental and physical growth.


We are what we repeatedly do, start creating a strong foundation to achieve better health. By restoring natural balance with the benefits of massage and alternative health modalities. Nurture the things you want growing in your life. 


Create your own garden of wellness within you. Nurturing mind, body, and health...

Licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board 
License Number: 33.020188
Licensed by Ohio State Cosmetology and 
Barber Board
License Number: EST.128259



Andrea Pouncy Waite LMT L.E  YMT  CMFT

~Award Winning Massage Therapist

11  Licensed Massage Therapist

10 years Licensed Esthetician

8 Years Serving the Community 


  • AAS Associates Of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy, Antonelli College 

  • Diploma Esthetics, The Salon Professional Academy 

  • Diploma Holistic Animal Studies, Animal Massage 


  • Prenatal and Pediatrics Massage

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  •  Baby's First ® Infant Massage Instructor

  • Human health: diet and nutrition

  • Energy Medicine 

  • Wholistic Doula (Aninti)

  • Yomassage® 

  • Maternity Reiki

  • Reiki 




Wife, mother, student, and owner of the Garden of Wellness. I am a solo practitioner and strive to provide quality, ethical, legal massage therapy.   I Grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio where I attended Antonelli College for Massage and graduated 2011. Shortly thereafter, began education in Esthetics graduated from the Salon Professional Academy 2011. Working in various settings from spas to chiropractor offices is how I gained many skills, learned various modalities and techniques. While working from a holistic and integrative perspective; my massage flow is smooth, relaxing, intuitive, healing, earthy, and like a good father "Firm but gentle."

With my nurturing therapeutic touch, authentic presence and intention to engage the whole person into deeper levels of relaxation. I intentionally create a massage that suits your specific needs. My  serene approach offers harmony, balance, and ease to your life,

with healing hands.

I offer professional holistic and clinical massage therapy tailored to your body's needs. My goal as your Massage Therapist is to support you in your endeavors to achieve your personal best health in body and mind. 

I chose to start my private practice because I love helping people relieve pain and overcome various ailments. From personal experience with working in spa like settings I wasn't able to achieve the goal of having that one on one interaction with clients. I didn't like the feeling of having clients being treated like fast food. Where everything is fast paced, I have no time to understand my clients needs, or help my clients with proper treatment and healing. Mostly due to, spas operating more like massage machines, clients coming in with specific requests or situations often are only catered to on a superficial way.

Its amazing to know that I can give my clients what they ask for and what they need. Using the aim of holistic treatments allows me to help the body achieve balance. In other words, I don’t just ease your stiff neck; I try to understand why you have a stiff neck and help you make changes so the problem doesn’t come back.

I love and enjoy what I do, I am dedicated to your health and well-being. I love to work with people that are dealing with pain, and provide them the opportunity to decrease or resolve their pain problems. It’s very rewarding for me. 


My goal is to bring affordable, accessible and adaptable massage to anyone and everyone. I strive to make massage affordable with my pricing strategies, accessible with my office hours, and adaptable by taking a personal and active approach to each client’s wellness needs. I believe in our community, I believe in hard work and I believe in you. I'm excited to see that affordable massage is having an impact on so many of my clients’ lives, and I am grateful to all of my clients letting me help them restore balance and natural health in their lives.




To learn more about my journey check out interview with Voyage Ohio:
"Change makers the stories that inspire"

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