Raising awareness of the benefits of Massage Therapy and making Massage Therapy affordable and accessible to the community.

On June 4, 2019 the Garden of Wellness was recognized for my work in the community and in the City of Cincinnati. Every June 4th  has  officially been proclaimed “Garden of Wellness Day” in the city of Cincinnati, by the Honorable Mayor John Cranely.


 In 2016  “community massage project” was created within the Garden of Wellness. 
Massage therapy in the community cannot be underestimated. By responding to the needs of a community I ensure that massage is made available to everybody. For many people massage is not easily accessible. It is well known that lives are enhanced by massage and the healing benefits are proven. I’m dedicated to making a positive difference in the health and welfare in the city through the power of compassionate, professional touch offered through the art and science of massage therapy. I want to promote the profession of massage therapy throughout the community and raise awareness by introducing and educating the community about massage and it’s benefits.


The community massage project at the Garden of Wellness is a socially minded project using 'pop-up' clinics at community and public venues to provide easy access to quality, affordable therapeutic massage treatments for all. Volunteering my time in helping plant a good seed in the community, by serving the community through Massage Therapy. Massage.... for a Cause........ 

Therefore including but not limited to, working with non-profit organizations and events, churches, senior living facilities, health workshops, schools, hospitals and hospice patients. Non-profit organizations I've partnered with such as:

  • T1 Diabetes Journey inc., 

  • Iam Me Leadership Program w/ Guiding Light Mentoring

  • Ignite your purpose Organization

  • What love does project w/ Grace + Grit spa


If you would like to have me at your event or wish for me to donate massage gift certificates for your cause or non profit event, please contact me. 

Community Massage Project

A Touch of Relief

Massage Therapy for Firefighters and First Responders 

Firefighters, like nurses, often work long shifts (such as 24 hours on and 48 hours off). One researcher conducting a study for the Ohio Fire Executive Program at the Forest Park Fire Department in Ohio found firefighters enjoyed reduced stress and increased well-being after receiving massage therapy treatments.

First responders who work with injured or deceased people often experience posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS), and some show signs of full-blown posttraumatic stress (PTSD). In the months after Norway’s two 2011 terror attacks, for example, first responders such as firefighters, police officers, and EMTs reported on their experiences and any PTSD symptoms they experienced. Over 5% of respondents found their work “extremely strainful,” and 1-2% showed signs of PTSD.

Through the Garden of Wellness I would love to volunteer at fire-stations, police stations, and hospitals.

Hands for Heroes

I  have partnered with  Hands for Heroes ™  providing a wonderful service to our service men and women. Together we can heal the wounds of war by healing those who protect us day and night. he mission of Hands for Heroes™ is to make available to our returning Veterans Bodywork and health care services through numerous individuals and health care centers across the U.S.

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