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Fertility Massage 


Fertility massage is part of a holistic approach to prepare the body for conception. This massage can also help treat digestive issues.

During a Fertility Massage session the body is first relaxed with Cranoisacral techniques and gentle rocking.

While focusing on the back and legs, gently bringing movement to the spine and encouraging them to drift into relaxation. A full-back and neck massage with particular attention to improve blood flow to the nerves around the back of the pelvis with release techniques to the sacrum and lower back. After massaging the shoulders to ease daily tensions, slow rocking  again to assess for improved movement.

 A castor oil pack, based on the work of Edger Cayce, is applied to the abdomen to help cleanse and detox the body systems.  As the massage progresses Reflexology points on the feet are stimulated and ancient Abdominal Massage techniques are introduced to stimulate abdominal circulation and  additional cleansing. The massage includes general relaxation, Shiatsu and medical massage techniques to further reduce stress and anxiety. Fertility Massage is a safe way to help both the mind and body get ready to conceive a new life. 

A rebozo (Mexican shawl) will be used around the ankles to rock the legs, which feels like you are swaying in a hammock.  Tying the feet I will then wrap another 2 rebozo’s around the pelvis and abdomen, binding them tight, and a wrap around the head, so the client is fully cocooned; allowing them to rest safely fully relaxed while I do some reiki healing.

In addition, your first time massage session is accompanied by an information packet on:

  • The best foods to eat or avoid for preconception health

  • How to check your cervical fluid

  • How to check your basal temperature

  • Information on how to use a castor pack at home

  • Information on supplements to take, or avoid, for optimal preconception health

  • Tips on managing stress and health for conception

Fertility Massage Rates:

$180.00 for first massage session.

$125.00 each additional massage session.


What are the benefits of womb or fertility massage?


Regularly receiving womb or fertility massage provides many benefits for the reproductive system:


  • Helps to reposition a tilted uterus

  • Promotes hormonal balance

  • Massage helps to break down scar tissue

  • Helps to reduce stress & stress hormones

  • Increases circulation to the uterus & cervix

  • Improves endocrine system communication

  • Encourages the liver to get rid of excess hormones

  • Prevents stagnation and detoxes the organs

  • Supports the immune system and thus fertility

The massage also has many benefits for the digestive system such as:


  • Improves gut motility and reduces constipation

  • Encourages optimum release of enzymes

  • Reduces bloating

  • Relief from IBS

  • Promotes relaxation and thus improves digestive nerve function

  • Aids liver detoxification

Hormonal balance

Improving blood flow to the organs helps deliver the hormones in the blood to their destination, this, for example, is important for the length of the cycle, for the thickening of the endometrial lining in the womb and for ovulation. By promoting liver function and detoxification the body is able to get rid of any excess oestrogen to prevent oestrogen dominance. The massage is thought to release feel-good hormones, including oxytocin.

Scar tissue

Fertility massage helps to break down scar tissue and adhesions associated with caesareans, hysterectomy, blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic issues and abdominal surgery. This is turn promotes circulation to and from the abdominal organs.

Oxygenated blood

Improving circulation and blood flow means you are bringing lovely oxygenated blood to the tissues. This is essential for the health of every cell in the body. Specifically, in the pelvic bowl this promotes good egg quality; good blood supply to the womb is essential for successful egg transfer in IVF and for the endometrial lining to support implantation of an embryo; optimising the quality of cervical mucus for a healthy environment in the vagina and to help sperm get to the right place.

Removes stagnation

Good circulation is a two-way business – getting good flow in helps aid blood and lymph flow out. This helps to remove natural cellular waste to improve the environment of the tissues.  The massage is also great for helping the womb to clear out old blood that gets stuck after menstruation. We may see this as brown blood at the beginning and end of a period which can occur when the womb is tilted front, back or sideways. Old blood hanging around is not great and it creates more toxins locally and be a contributing factor to period pain. Another cause of old blood building up may be because the womb is struggling to contract and shed its lining – this may be due to poor circulation also.

Reduces pain

As mentioned above aiding the body to get rid of old blood and stagnant fluids can improve the health of the womb and will also help reduce period pain. The massage also promotes gut motility aiding the detoxification through regular bowel movements. The colon is in such close proximity to the reproductive system that constipation can cause more toxins to build up in the area and have a negative impact pelvic organ health. Again, creating an environment which may cause pain. The massage or any massage promotes the release of endorphins – our natural painkiller.

This sounds all quite clinical, but there is a lovely, peaceful, relaxing side to it too.

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

When is the best time in my cycle to receive a fertility massage?

The best time to receive a fertility massage is the 2 week period after your menstruation has ended and before ovulation begins.

How many fertility massages should I get?

Unfortunately that is an impossible question to answer. Make sure to mark in your planner the best times in your cycle to receive a fertility massage, and then contact me to schedule! 

Note: Massage therapy is safe for all stages of pregnancy, even when you do not know you are pregnant. Fertility specific massage is a specialty form of massage that is intended only when there is no chance of being pregnant.

How will I feel after a Fertility Massage?


Can I have a Fertility Massage if I am using Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Yes, depending on the type of technology that you are preparing to use the massage may be altered by either the timing of the massage or the techniques used.

A typical Fertility Massage session lasts approximately 75 -90 minutes.

Fertility Massage and Unassisted Conception

If you are you and your partner are attempting to conceiving naturally, then we recommend fertility massage up until ovulation! No changes are necessary. Massage of course can be done after conception, but we do not perform fertility massage then. 

Fertility Massage While Taking Clomid or Letrozole 

If you are taking any medications that help with ovulation or balancing hormones, a fertility massage is beneficially from day 1 of your cycle until the day before ovulation. Some people do not feel up for a massage during their period, and that is totally fine. Generally we say day 6 to ovulation is comfortable and beneficial.



Fertility Massage and IUI or IVF

If you are having a doctor assistance by receiving an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or InVitro Fertilization (IVF), you know the importance of timing. A fertility massage can be done up until ovulation for those who will going in for an IUI.


 If you are going through IVF, fertility massage can be done up until implantation, but with a few changes based on your personal timeline. Up until egg retrieval, I will omit the endocrine reflexology as you have enough shots stimulating those organs, we do not want to make any more changes. Between egg retrieval and implantation, we will still use the castor oil packs and omit those endocrine reflexology points.


 I will also will be mindful of working with those who are going through IVF due to the shots that you must give yourself. I will definitely ask if there are any areas that are sore due to those shots, but please do not hesitate to speak up during a session. 

Fertility Massage After Ovulation 

I can definitely do a typical massage session work after ovulation, but you generally want to avoid the deep abdominal work and the reflexology associated with the fertility massage. While a massage will not cause a miscarriage, we feel like the deeper abdominal work may make things a bit harder for implantation. The foot reflexology I do is to stimulate the various endocrine and reproductive organs associated with pregnancy, and if conception has occurred, I do not feel it is necessary to stimulate those organs even more.

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