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Restorative Yoga + Massage Therapy + Mindfulness = Yomassage™

Sending some warm Yomi love. I've recently completed my training to become a certified Yomassage® Therapist. I'm excited to bring this new service to the area and offer this mindful practice to my clients. Yomassage®  is another way to receive therapeutic touch, it's a relaxing massage modality that I am bringing  to the city. Being, aligned with my mission, its another way to make massage accessible and affordable  to the community. 



Yomassage was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to therapeutic touch. In order to make this happen, Yomassage Founders, Tiffany Ryan and Katherine Parker, created a modality in which clients can receive touch in a small group setting. In addition to offering massage at an accessible rate, Yomassage sessions appeal to more people because they are fully clothed and offered in a safe environment.

The “Yo” in Yomassage is based on the principles of yoga: focus on the breath (pranayama) and the yogic philosophy of looking within. The combination of touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness provide an avenue for relaxation and healing.


Yomassage Therapists are trained to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome throughout the entire session. When you walk in the room, you will be greeted with warm smiles. Your therapist will walk you through a series of comfortable and supported Yomassage positions that will be held for 5-10 minutes. While you are relaxing in these positions, I will guide you through breath work and mindfulness exercises as they walk around and massage you in each position. You will end the session having received a full body massage, and feeling a state of ultimate relaxation.

Yomassage sessions are kept small so each client receives individual attention from their therapist. One therapist can serve up to 5 clients in a single session, and up to 10 clients if they have an assistant. Clients can expect a warm room with mood lighting and soft music. Everything will be provided for you, so there is no need to bring anything. Yomassage sessions are suitable for all levels, no experience required.


Sessions are generally 90 minutes long, and are kept small with a limit of 5 clients. With this small group environment it allows for each session to be custom created for the clients attending as well as allowing for plenty of hands on massage time.

Me being your Yomassage therapist I will massage and adjust you in every pose. These techniques are highly relaxing to the nervous system and can improve range of motion, increase flexibility of connective tissue and reduce compression of joint surfaces.

Group class - 90 minutes $50

Private Session - 60 minutes  $70

Group classes to TBA

• Yoga experience is not required •
• All equipment/props including mats are provided during group and in-person private sessions •
• Wear comfortable clothing • 
• Limited to 5 participants for group classes, virtual classes no limit•

••• Pre-registration is required, drop in is not available for this class •••​​

To Join virtual Yomassage class you will need 2 tennis balls/lacrosse balls.

Yomassage balls preferred. They can be purchased prior to class.

Private Yomassage Sessions
Mindful Touch at Home

The Mindful Touch™ at Home course will provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to intentionally and mindfully incorporate Mindful Touch™ into your everyday wellness routine. You will learn from Dr. Tiffany Ryan about the importance of safe, healthy touch and its impact on our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

In this course we will cover social distancing and it’s challenges, the impacts of touch deprivation, the benefits of safe touch and its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, communication and consent around touch and offer suggestions for the type of touch to give, where, when and how to give it.

  • Is yomassage yoga?
    No, it is inpired by, restorative yoga. Yomassage is the Union of restorative supported stretching,
  • Where are the yomassage classes held
    Yomassage classes will be held monthly. Time and location TBD.
  • What do I need to bring to Yomassage session?
    You do not need to bring anything. Your mats, blocks, bolsters, and other props will be provided for you.
  • What should I wear to a yomassage sessions?
    Wear what you normally would wear to movement type class.
  • What do I need to prepare for a yomassage session?
    A yomassage client intake form and liability waiver is required to be completed 24 hours before your session begins. This allows the yomassag therapist to be fully prepared for your sessoin, and can customize it to your specific need. You can fill these forms out when you book your appointment.
  • Are private one on one yomassage sessions availble?
    Yes! Plesse note this session will be geard towards a single person session.
  • Are private group / event yomassage sessions available?
    Yes, please send me email with a message addreseing your equest. I will respond within 48 hours to help you organize your special event. Please note at this time, covid may effect these request.
  • I'm pregnant, can I do yomassage?"
    Yes, yomassage is perfect for expecting moms. Most of the positions are suitable for prenatal classes.
  • When can I book a session?
    You can begin booking your session online NOW ! Sessions will begin month of October. Individual sessions will be scheduled every 1st Friday of the Month. Group sessions times and locations TBD.
  • Are there virtual sessions?
    Yes! to make theraputic touh even more accessble there will be montly yomassage sessions online. Virtual yomassage sessions are through zoom. Virutal session rate is will be $10. Login code will be emailed after purchase. At home mindful touch is also availble for purchase for independent learning.

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